Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jungle Rot - Kill On Command [2011]

Band: Jungle Rot
Album: Kill On Command
Genre: Death Metal
Release year: 2011
Label: Victory Records
Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/junglerot

JUNGLE ROT, an American Death Metal outfit, have gathered a big and loyal fan base over the past ten years with their savage music and war-themed lyrics. However, they are different to most of the death metal bands in the extreme metal scene as they take influence from bands like SLAYER and SODOM, as opposed to some of the bands that prefer to rip-of CANNIBAL CORPSE’s and SUFFOCATION’s sound.

The first track, THEIR FINEST HOUR feels like a hammer coming down on the listener’s ears with its heavy riffs and violent drum sections. The vocal are beastly and the barrage of double bass pedals can only be described as violently good. BLOOD TIES blasts next with a intro of barbaric proportions. The riffs are masterfully played and bring a whole new level of metal to the track. The drums are pretty much as heavy as a ton of bricks on this track as well, whilst the breakdown is both crushing and amazing. RISE UP AND REVOLT takes a slightly different turn, with a slight use of melodic riffs whilst staying beefy and demonic at the same time. The vocals sound extremely bloodthirsty on this track as well. The title track, KILL ON COMMAND, begins with an intro composed of the sounds of tanks and choppers moving towards the battlefield. The music slowly fades its way on to the track. The drums are very precise and technical and the vocals sound much deeper, sounding more aggressive and savage. KILL ON COMMAND is certainly one of the more brutalising and dominating tracks on the album. There is emphasis on the drums in the introduction of DEMORALIZED but the speedy, face-melting riffs make up for that.

Next is PUSH COMES TO SHOVE with a solo-like introduction combined with some seriously beastly drums and deeper vocals. The riffs are heavy and destructive whilst the breakdown is violently amazing. I PREDICT A RIOT is certainly an interesting track as it features drum patterns heavy enough to break bones and riffs violent enough to shred flesh. However, the most interesting this about this track is the guitar solo-double bass pedal combo. NO MERCY (FROM THE MERCILESS) has a lot of breakdown styled riffs with more emphasis on the drums. The vocals are still going strong, sounding slightly more demonic than the rest of the track. The bass can heard clearly in some sections of this track, adding a deeper sound to the track, working well with the vocals. The solo is an interesting one as well, featuring some prolonged notes. BORN OF CONTAGION has a rough, raw and murderous intro. The track features some great riffs, beefy drums and hellish growls. Like the title track, its one of the more brutal tracks on the album. The final track is LIFE NEGATED which, despite being a great track, is too short. However, the riffs are awesome and the drum sections are great. LIFE NEGATED certainly could be marketed as a brilliant moshpit anthem.

From beginning to end, KILL ON COMMAND is filled to the brink with brutality. The album is virtually flawless except for a little bit too much emphasis on the drums on a number of tracks. KILL ON COMMAND has everything a death metal album should have - Savage riffs, brutal drum work, deep and beastly growls and a raw, middle-finger attitude.


Nico Davidson

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